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Lafayette Louisiana Home Newborn Session

January 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Baby number two is on the way, would you be up for another newborn lifestyle session at my home in Lafayette, La? Well, YES of course!

Lesley contacted me shortly after I started doing photography as my full time job back in 2013. If I can remember correctly she was one of my first paying newborn clients, so I felt it was necessary I write my first ever blog post on her family. She was having her first baby boy, Oliver. I went home after photographing her session and knew newborn photography was something I was deeply passionate about doing. Fast forward almost 3 years later, she and her family welcome their little girl. I am welcomed into their home again and there, on her walls, are all of the photos I have taken for her over the past three years. I say, "Oh my! Look how far my work as come!" She quickly replies with, I know but I still LOVE those images. Inside I slightly cringe at my lighting techniques, poses, and newborn outfits I had chosen many years back. However, I have improved immensely over the years, but I am glad she has those images of her first days as a little family of 3.

For those who choose not to forgo with professional newborn photographs, that is okay too! However, I find that many moms say, " I will take some myself" or "I'll have Aunt Susie take some for me, she has a good camera" and those first 2 weeks fly by and mom was too exhausted or Aunt Susie ends up being sick and can't do them. They are left with low quality cell phone images, or they call after baby is a week old, hoping to be squeezed in the schedule, wishing they had scheduled a session before baby was born. Let me help make it an enjoyable, relaxing experience to photograph those first days with your little bundle in the comfort of your own home!

 Who doesn't adore photos of babies? Or YOUR baby at that?! It is ultimately the memories that brought me to love photography so much in the first place. I feel honored every time a client gets in touch with me to photograph their life moments. I want to walk into every home and see sweet images of their babies growing covering the walls, in photo albums on the coffee table, and on their screen saver. Thanks to all of my clients (esp the first ones that have followed me all the way until now) allowing me to do the job I love every day!

XoXo, Lindsey Rogers Photography

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