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A lover of all design, I am Lindsey Rogers, with a passion for wedding, lifestyle and portrait photography. Four years ago I lived in Chicago, IL where I received my Masters in Architecture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Love for details, design & art influenced my way of seeing the world. I was balancing photography and architecture in school but after graduating, you’ve already guessed which career won! :)
Upon returning to my mother state Louisiana, I began to define myself as an artist and photographer. I rented a house in New Orleans, LA and it was here that I followed my true passion. I now live in Lafayette, La traveling all over Louisiana capturing beautiful images. I have been photographing for 8 years and now it has taken over my life, I’m so happy it did! 
I am so blessed for the friends I have met along my journey and my family who has always supported me. My only hope is to arrive to friendly clients, and leave with clients who are friends.  God Bless.
Now tell me a little about yourself? I’d love to know! 
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